"… a tenacious courtroom fighter with an instinct for the jugular and a keen eye for incongruity."

Philadelphia Magazine

I'd never met Ferber's lawyer, Dennis Cogan, but I had seen him and heard a great deal about him. With his unruly mop of dark brown hair and his boyish clean-cut features, Cogan looked to be no more than in his late twenties, ten years younger than his real age. read more

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 4— The case had all the street violence and legal contortions of a "Law and Order" episode. Cold-blooded killings. Wily defense lawyers who get crucial charges dismissed. A no-nonsense judge who penalizes the prosecution for an apparent blunder. read more

Louis Mickens Thomas is now one giant step closer to gaining his freedom than when we last visited his case a year ago. Thomas has served more than 30 years of a life sentence for a 1964 murder and rape of a 12-year-old girl which he did not commit. In 1993, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office refused to reconsider Mickens’ conviction despite a presentation of significant, new exculpatory information by his attorney, Dennis Cogan, the committee’s co-chair. read more

Vincent Fumo's family and supporters spent several minutes yesterday giving the former state senator tearful embraces after a federal judge sentenced him to 55 months in jail, more than five years below the guideline range the judge had set. With time off for good behavior, the 66-year-old former power broker could be a free man in less than four years. read more

Federal authorities last week busted what they said was one of the biggest counterfeiting schemes in United States history, which allegedly used phony checks to try to bilk hundreds of millions of dollars from many prominent Philadelphia institutions - including the University of Pennsylvania. read more

It’s hard to declare victory when your client is found guilty of all 137 counts he faced, but attorney Dennis J. Cogan said the 55-month sentence imposed on his client Vince Fumo Tuesday was the next best thing. Cogan , one of the city’s top criminal defense lawyers, said it wasn’t about winning or losing at that point. The prosecution had already won. What it was about, Cogan said, was “justice. ” read more

What she did for love

"The Mind Of Myla"

"On the flip side was Dennis Cogan, the passionate, mercurial defense attorney, who's among the most feared and revered lawyers in town."

Who Killed Steve Booras?


"After he was found guilty, Ferber dismissed DiGiacoma and hired as counsel Dennis Cogan, a former Assistant D.A. and now one of Philadelphia's top criminal defense lawyers. Cogan...is a tenacious courtroom fighter with an instinct for the jugular and a keen eye for incongruity."

Breaking the Mob

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"[Cogan] had, I'd heard, a charming courtroom manner which...made juries like and root for him...but it wasn't only at trial that Cogan showed his wares. He apparently had an extraordinary knowledge of the law that let him come up with technicalities that other attorneys would never think of. According to some [police officers], he put more people back on the streets than all of the defense lawyers in the city combined. That was hyperbole, but it indicated the fear...with which he was regarded...In all my dealings with him, he acted with absolute integrity. With him you need no bond, his word will do; he never lies."

Years Later, Mob Hit Haunts City

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"Neil Ferber Wrongly charged, arrested and convicted for the 1981 gangland-style murder of mobster Chelsais "Stevie Borras" and Borras' dinner companion, Jeanette Curro, at the Meletis restaurant - spent nearly 4 years in jail [14 months of which were on death row] before winning his release in 1985. The verdict, in a civil suit filed by Cogan, ended a decade-long battle by Ferber to clear his name. The jury awarded $4.5 million in damages, one of the largest awards for police misconduct in the city's history at that time."

Myla's Case: Experience vs. Youth

"A prosecutor who has little experience with murder cases will face off against a veteran defense attorney today when Myla Friedman appears in Municipal Court to face charges she killed her boyfriend...Representing Friedman will be Dennis J. Cogan, 43, who prosecuted about 60 murder cases as an assistant DA before entering private practice in 1975. He has handled about 40 murder cases since then."

Myla Friedman Cover Story

"On the flip side was Dennis Cogan, the passionate, mercurial defense attorney, who's among the most feared and revered lawyers in town...One day, he quoted Shakespeare eloquently in the morning, and in the afternoon got down on all fours and showed us what the heat of passion might be like."

MASTRONARDO is Gambler, Attorney Tells Money-Laundering Trial Jury

"Cogan's admission of Mastronardo's gambling involvement was a bold courtroom maneuver...."

Ex-Police Sergeant Cleared in Civil Rights Case

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"Former 14th District police sergeant Michael J. Vassallo, who was accused of beating a handcuffed burglary suspect, was promptly found "not guilty" in Federal Court. The week long trial, which pitted cops against cops, stemmed from investigations by the city Police Department's Internal Affairs Division and the Federal Bureau of Investigation." "Cogan accused the prosecution of handling the case like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland, "Sentence first, verdict second!" he declared. What made them start this case with a conclusion?" Cogan asked.

Jury Clears Alleged Drug Leader in Ambush Killing

A jury deliberated for less than two hours before acquitting Mantua drug gang member James Drayton of the ambush murder of Allie Harold... "Thank you for saving my life," Drayton told his lawyer, Dennis J. Cogan, after the verdict was read.

Carjack Acquittal

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Cheyney University student Markwann Gordon was acquitted in federal court of involvement in an armed carjacking of George Thomas outside the Piccadilly Club. Cogan argued that Thomas has framed Gordon because Gordon was dating Thomas' former girlfriend.

“Dennis approaches each case with meticulous preparation, an unyielding pursuit of justice, and a formidable combination of skill and passion that few lawyers possess.”

Paul Hetznecker, attorney

Unique and talented, calm
yet powerful, Dennis is the lawyer who's always thinking outside the box.

Felicia Sarner, attorney

There are some who are good at law, others who are good at trial.
Dennis is simply the best that I've ever seen in my 35 years in court.

Tom Bello, attorney